Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Frame Issues

I may have solved the frame issue with a little help. The frame pictured hasn't made it to the welder yet but I was lucky enough to find another frame. Someone in Oregon is parting out a CL350 and for what I think will be less then the cost to repair the frame, I'll get another one. Thanks Sheri.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Disassembly Part 3

There it is, as naked as the day it was born.

I was cleaning it up a little when I found this surprise underneath. I don't think it's a mortal wound, but I'm definitely in need of a welder.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Disassembly part 2

I was having fun up until this point. The motor fought me the whole way.

Loot at all the snot on that motor, yuck!

This thing is gonna need all new wiring. Where's Vinnie?

Daddy's Little Helper

Disassembly Part 1

Here's some pics of various stages of disassembly. I have found it a challenge to find time with the new baby, but when I find time I get a lot done in a shot amount of time.

The design of this bike is so simple, it practically comes apart on its own. I got the back wheel off in about 15 minutes and the front wheel and forks in less then an hour.
Nothing made me happier then taking off those ugly blue fork covers.

TIP: Remove front fender before removing the front wheel. It'll save you some grief.
I've hit my first snag, I thought the forks were 35mm so I bought some 35mm clip on bars off Ebay. Turns out the forks are more like 33- 34mm. Measure twice, cut (or buy) once.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

bringing it home

The guy I got the bike from listed it on freecycle and I was lucky enough to receive it, but I had to pick it up that day. So against my better halves wishes, I got my friend, rented a truck and brought it home.

The guy told me that it was a 1979 CB 250 with no title. Turns out it was a 1970 CL 350 and the title was in with a box of stuff he gave me. Humm....

Anyway, I got it home OK and but I was in the doghouse. Note: first child is 5 days old at this point. (Baby Austin born 31 Jan 07)

Well, so far I'm into this bike, $20 to rent the truck and some turmoil in the home :)

Here's some pics. If you look close enough, you might see the mouse turds!

Inspirational photos

Here is some of the bikes I've found that I'll use for inspiration. Unfortunately, I cannot give credit to the creators of these racers because I didn't record where I got these pics from. The red and grey one was built by ohiocaferacers.com, I recommend their site.
Here's a link to the yahoo group:

alt="Click here to join OHIO_CAFE_RACERS">
Click to join OHIO_CAFE_RACERS


This is the first posting in my first blog, I thought it would be a good way to keep a journal of the motorcycle project I'm starting and I imagine that there are some out there, like me, who may benefit in some small way from this experience.
I recently acquired a 1970 Honda Cb/CL 350, with plans to get into running condition in order to teach some family and friends who want to learn to ride. After doing some research, it turns out that many people are making cafe racers out of these bikes, so I decided to do the same.