Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Work Continues

No frame, no problem. I just got the handle bars in so let's tinker with the front end.

After some research on line I though that the forks were 35mm. I purchased some used clipons but they were the wrong size. Turns out the forks were 33mm. I'm on a pretty tight budget, so $75 for clip ons seems daunting, however, I got these 7/8 Clubman bars new for $32 shipped.

More surprises. The forks will need to get new seals, that's no surprise, but as I was assembling the front end I found one fork was full of rain water. About 8 ounces of it!

I wanted to invert the risers and put the bars behind the forks and under the tree. It didn't quite work as assembled. Notice how the riser ends come out of the tree. I'll have to start chopping and grinding.

One last surprise, the front tire was mounted backwards, the rotation is in the wrong direction. Just a few more reasons why this was a free bike.

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