Thursday, February 8, 2007

bringing it home

The guy I got the bike from listed it on freecycle and I was lucky enough to receive it, but I had to pick it up that day. So against my better halves wishes, I got my friend, rented a truck and brought it home.

The guy told me that it was a 1979 CB 250 with no title. Turns out it was a 1970 CL 350 and the title was in with a box of stuff he gave me. Humm....

Anyway, I got it home OK and but I was in the doghouse. Note: first child is 5 days old at this point. (Baby Austin born 31 Jan 07)

Well, so far I'm into this bike, $20 to rent the truck and some turmoil in the home :)

Here's some pics. If you look close enough, you might see the mouse turds!

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