Thursday, February 22, 2007

Disassembly Part 1

Here's some pics of various stages of disassembly. I have found it a challenge to find time with the new baby, but when I find time I get a lot done in a shot amount of time.

The design of this bike is so simple, it practically comes apart on its own. I got the back wheel off in about 15 minutes and the front wheel and forks in less then an hour.
Nothing made me happier then taking off those ugly blue fork covers.

TIP: Remove front fender before removing the front wheel. It'll save you some grief.
I've hit my first snag, I thought the forks were 35mm so I bought some 35mm clip on bars off Ebay. Turns out the forks are more like 33- 34mm. Measure twice, cut (or buy) once.

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